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What we Build

Renovation & Restoration


Very often, the original old houses in village and town centers are unworthy of renovation. The reason is that they are unable to live up to the contemporary standards of comfort, health and safety. However, there are some exceptions. We are able to review and consider the potential of such an object in consultation with the aspirant-buyer.

Upon request, we can make a calculation and a (re)design of a small-scale dwelling. After the metamorphosis, it may be very suitable for permanent or part-time housing. 


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Roofs & Pergolas


One of our specialties is making wood constructions for among other roofs, pergolas, sunshades, fencing and garden fencing.


Roofs can be made in traditional style, but fitted with modern insulation and covered with ceramic roof tiles. For traditional looks, the proper structure can be made as a visible part of your home. By use of laminated beams which are imported from Germany, we are able to realize large spans.


A flat roof can be another choice, as this is often found in our area.

Flat roofing is usually done with watertight bituminous layering under guaranty, in combination with insulation material. Later, according to clients’ wishes, these roofs can be tiled in order to convert the flat roof into a sunny terrace. For the edge we use aluminium rooftrim or zinc covers.
In consultation with our architect, another option may be to vary the roof line into something more stylish.


Also zinc gutter in different models are possible, in combination with zinc rainwater pipes. Zinc is a material which does not suffer from the high temperatures and therefore maintenance-free for many years.


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Masonry and Bricklaying


The combined Dutch and Greek experience means that you are at the right address. Your home will be protected from the intrusion of moisture and from leakage of conditioned air.

This is done by the correct choice of available brickwork and natural stone. The choices are dictated by clients’ wishes, and, of course, the situation.

Our very experienced local masons and bricklayers will guarantee a perfect product when finished. 

An option, not to be forgotten, is a natural finish in marble or granite.