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Interior Design and Furniture


For the design and realization of your kitchen, bathroom and closet walls we also use our own skills and resources.


We have a number of design programs to create an overall picture of your house for you.


In close consultation with you we can look at the possibilities and elaborate the plans drawn by us. 


Here you can see some possibilities realized by us.


For wood furniture for home and garden please contact us. On order we make the furniture as you want them.


As designers, our intention is to provide a space that is one-of-a-kind, beautifully-crafted, aesthetically pleasing and functional. We will identify and define your needs and wishes so that your new kitchen  will be one that you will truly appreciate and enjoy for years to come.

Bathroom design and Tiling

Whether we are designing a bathroom for a penthouse, luxury home, loft apartment or office, we must ensure that each facet of the design can withstand the daily wear and tear a bathroom must endure.


From temperature variations to excess moisture, your bathroom must be a combination of beauty and function.

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