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New Constructions

We can offer you the following services:  


  • The search for a suitable lot that will fulfill your dreams and wishes.

  • We cooperate with a number of registered real estate firms that keep us informed about recently available lots.

  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation for buying property.  This process is in cooperation with our Assistant Legal Affairs, (a multilingual, sworn Lawyer).

  • Designing of houses, villas or apartments. Here again,  our local specialists come into the picture as they are familiar with all additional local and governmental building regulations and requirements such as minor earthquakes, not uncommon in this part of Europe.

  • The building of your home, to be turn-key available after a contracted period of time.

  • Wind- and watertight skeleton–building which can be finished with your own efforts and under your own supervision.

  • Lot landscaping, including erection of walls and fences, laying of pavements and terraces, construction of pergolas, irrigation installations and swimming pools.

  • Finishing and reconstruction/renovation of existing dwellings.

  • Job-coordination for work done by third parties, such as plumbers, electricians, heating/cooling specialists and electronic engineers for e.g. disc TV and communication antennas. All these specialists are familiar in the English language.

  • Services in the field of maintenance.

  • Security and/or supervision of your home when abroad.

  • Redesign and/or renovation of shops, restaurants/bars, hotels and offices.

  • Working with natural stone for specialized purposes such as garden walls, decorative outer walls and terrace floors.


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