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It's Your Home. We Build it like you want it.

Furniture & Decoration

Inerior Design and Furniture

Besides the Constructions we also take care of your House. We have a number of design programs to create an overall picture of your house for you.

Escape to the beauty of Crete.

Escape to the beauty of Crete.

If you want a house in the hills or in a small town by the beach - we will find the perfect lot for you. We work closely together with local specialists to privide you the best service.

Building & Renovation
Pergolas & Roofs, Windows & Doors, Tiling 
Build Your
Dream Home 

New Developments with Isorast Neopor Technology

We work with Isorast Neopor® Construction System in- and outside and other reputable brands such as Knauf, Rigips, Kraft and Isomat. We import directly from the Netherlands and / or Germany to provide your constructions with the best technology available.


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