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Isorast Technology


On the island of Crete we are the only 100% specialized building company which has mastered the various facets of isolated building. The fact that we have gained years of experience with the use of isolation and avoidance of thermal bridges in the Netherlands, we can speak calmly of years ahead of local builders. 


We are specialized in building with the Isorast Neopor® Construction System. 

By our very close cooperation with the importer for the Benelux countries (since 2004) and merging of knowledge and experience you are assured of a high quality of the finished product. According to requirements of government and constructor the required reinforcement and steel construction are calculated and applied. 


For the finishing of the Isorast Neopor® Construction System in- and outside, we work only with reputable brands such as Knauf, Rigips, Kraft and Isomat. Specific products we preferably work with, and not available her, we import directly from the Netherlands and / or Germany. 


We mainly work with the 25 cm wide Isorast Neopor® elements. They have proven, of course in combination with floor and roof insulation to have a sufficient standard of insulation for the island of Crete. The great variety of fitting pieces, corner pieces, final pieces etc. etc., we are capable of almost any design to be carried out Isorast Neopor® Construction System. 

If you wish a higher insulation standard or to build a passive
house then of course this also belongs to the possibilities.

Isorast Neopor ® Construction System


The Isorast Neopor ® Construction System is a high quality "building block" for house-building. 
The high insulation value may be reduce energy costs significantly. The various sizes elements have a RC-value of 4 up till 10. 

The Isorast Neopor ® building elements are unique, innovative and over time developed into a complete construction system in which thermal bridges are avoided. In combination with an insulated exterior of the foundation, floor- and roof insulation, it is possible to build an energy passive house. Due to the simplicity of the Isorast Neopor ® system we have a very short construction time. 


Constructive solid concrete walls are possible from 8 up till 45 cm thick. Because of this building higher buildings and basements,is no problem. In the elements a specially patented membrane is developed, which provides a significant sound reduction.

The last 35 years about 50,000 houses are realized with Isorast system. 


The Isorast ® element is made of Neopor ®. This material is durable, environmentally friendly, flame extinguished, fungus and bacteria averting and light gray of color.

The formwork elements are environmentally friendly produced and are available in various wall thicknesses. Residual material can be recycled. 


On account of the high savings in rising energy costs, the rapid construction, the avoidance of thermal bridges, environmental friendliness, usability and durability, can be said that the Isorast Neopor ® system is the best choice for building low energy houses and passive houses.

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